Farm Animals

A farm isn't a farm without some friendly animals!

Make sure you stop in to say hi to all of our animals. Cookie, Apples and Oreo were new additions to our farm last year. Cookie is the mom, Apples is her first kid and Oreo is the newest addition born late July of 2017. You can see them, and the rest of the gang in our new animal barn!


Here is the press release for our new barn!

"You’ll find Ocana Construction and Paul Ploegman’s fingerprints all over Davison Orchards. His first project with the Davison’s was in 1998 when he turned Aunty May’s original farmhouse into what we now us as the Deep Dish Café. Since then he’s had his hand in the Marketplace, the Cannery, the Crazy Cow Kids Corral and now the new animal barn in the Critter Corral. Most of the building he’s worked on at our farm come with a story and the barn is no different.

In 2015, Rock Creek BC was devastated by a wild fire that destroyed 30 homes and 4,400 hectares of forest. Where others saw a burned wasteland and left the trees to rot, Paul saw potential; he salvaged the burn wood from Rock Creek for the barn. In order for the logs to be ready for construction they had to milled using a band saw and chainsaw. Over 18,000 board feet of lumber was used to build the barn and all of it was salvaged; no live trees were cut down. Not only does it add character to barn through unique woodgrains and beetle holes, but it was also built with the environment in mind."

The Critter Corral is open the same hours as the Market, has no admission fee and is a great 'next stop' after a Farm Tour or playing in the Crazy Cow Kids Corral

What’s happening on the farm:


Behind the Scenes

We are busy with pruning, bakery renovations and making preserves in preparation for our May 1st opening!

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