Peach Recipes

Peach Apricot Galette

An easy and impressive dessert featuring Peaches and Apricots. I have seen recipes like this in magazines and all over Pinterest lately. Galettes are beautiful open tarts showing off their fruit filling. These desserts are…sort of like a topless pie. Although I am pretty sure I'm the first person to ever call it a topless pie, I have also heard Galettes called "Pate Brisee" which sounds fancy but directly translated means broken pastry. I've also seen them called "Rustic Tart". Personally I am a big fan of the word rustic in baking. It gives a feeling of old world, traditional recipe, but what it really means is – take the pressure off. A little imperfection is just what makes it rustic right?

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Peaches and Cream

The combination of the fresh juicy sweetness of the peach with the creamy filing is so delicious, tasty and even easy to make. A peach is fantastic just as it grew, but peaches and cream… it’s a great way to dress up a peach for a party.

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