Peach Varieties

Early Sunrise

Early Sunrise peaches are the first peach available in our Market, typically by Mid July. They are a sweet and juicy peach that embraces a welcomed taste of Summer. The Early Sunrise is a clingstone peach and is great for baking or cooking and of course, fresh eating!

Early Red Haven

Early Red Haven Peaches are one of our earlier peach variety’s, are medium sized, and typically available in mid-July. They are very juicy and sweet with a very bright color. Early Red Haven Peaches are a clingstone peach, meaning the flesh of the peach clings strongly to the peach pit. These peaches are great for fresh eating or can be used in many delicious dessert recipes.

Red Haven

Red Haven peaches are well known as the Okanagan’s fantastic canning Peach. Red Haven are considered a “Semi-freestone” variety, meaning that they come away cleanly from the pit once they are fully ripe, but they are difficult to remove from the pit before they have ripened. Red Havens have fantastic flavor and great sugar content. They are the Davison Family’s first choice for canning.

Red Haven Peaches have a red fuzzy skin and a juicy vibrant yellow flesh. Red Havens are typically available at our Farm in late July and are considered a better ‘keeper’ than other peach varieties.

Glo Haven

Glo Haven Peaches are a freestone peach typically available in our market by early August. They have a dark red skin color and known for a red tiger strip coloring. Glo Haven are the first fully freestone variety at Davison Orchards. This peach has incredible flavor and is very sweet and juicy, perfect for eating fresh! The Glo Haven is also great for baking recipes, freezing, peach jam and canning.

Crest Haven

The Crest Haven has a very unique deep yellow color with a slight red blush and is typically harvested in a medium to large size. Crest Haven’s are a freestone peach.

Crest Havens are also great for freezing, baking, canning and most of all, eating fresh. Once fully ripened, they have a very sweet and delicious flavor. These peaches are a later variety; typically, available in our Market in late August and into September.

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